Thomas MacEntee and Genealogy Blogging

Thomas MacEntee from Geneabloggers joined me on my radio show this week, and he had some great advice about genealogy blogging. Anyone can set up a blog. WordPress (which I use) is a great format to use. Just do a google search for WordPress. You can choose one of their templates for your blog and start right in.

Decide on a topic. You can share stories of your family, of your research methods, of records that you’ve used. Then connect with Thomas and his Geneabloggers and you’re connected to more than 2000 other genealogy bloggers. If you have writer’s block, Thomas sends prompts for people to use to write their genealogy blogs.

Find Thomas at High-Definition Genealogy.

Listen to Thomas MacEntee of Geneabloggers on The Forget-Me-Not Hour right here.

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