Roll of Honor in Center Moriches, Suffolk County (Long Island), New York

Center Moriches Honor Roll 001

The following names are on the Roll of Honor at Main Street and Lake Avenue  in Center Moriches. They include those who served in World War I and World War II. Asterisks mark the names of the men who were killed in action.

These names, who include my family from Center Moriches, start the list. The others will be added in July.


World War II
James Daves

Eugene Davis

Warren Dayton* (U.S. Air Force, my father’s first cousin who was shot down over Germany)

Warren Dayton, killed in action over Germany.

Warren Dayton, U.S. Army Air Force. Killed in action over Germany.

Douglas De Bruler

Philip De Carlo

Prescott De Gumoens…

Richard Johnson (U.S. Air Force, my father’s first cousin)…

Francis Voelker

Theodore Walsh

John Wight

Arthur Wilcox (U.S. Navy, my father’s brother)

Arthur Wilcox, U.S. Navy.

Arthur Wilcox Sr., U.S. Navy.

Joseph Wilcox (no relation, high school P.E. teacher)

Lloyd Wilcox (U.S. Army, my father)

Matthew Wimbush

Catherine Dayton in Africa.

Elizabeth “Betty” Dayton, U.S. Army nurse in Africa. Not on the Roll of Honor.

Richard Johnson, U.S. Air Force.

Richard Johnson, U.S. Army Air Force.

Lloyd Wilcox, U.S. Army, Armored Division.

Lloyd Wilcox, U.S. Army, 4th Armored Division.

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