The Puritan Great Migration with Robert Charles Anderson

Two weeks ago on The Forget-Me-Not Hour, Puritan expert Robert Charles Anderson joined me to talk about the Puritans of New England–who they were and his genealogical work on them. He shared how the Puritans became his life’s work as a genealogist and what projects he has completed about them.

Bob is the author of The Great Migration series of books that chronicles what is known about the 20,000 or so Puritans who emigrated from England between 1620 and 1640. So far the books cover through the year 1635.

With his newest book, called The Winthrop Fleet, Bob has extracted those people who came in the years 1628 to 1630 in the migration to New England headed by Gov. John Winthrop and presented more information on them than is in the previous books. The Winthrop Fleet will be released in August 2012. Find the book here

Listen to Bob Anderson and the fascinating topic of the Puritans here.

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