The Genealogy Event on 26 & 27 October in New York City

Two weeks ago on the Forget-Me-Not Hour, Bridget Bray, organizer of The Genealogy Event in New York City, joined me on the show. The Genealogy Event is the only genealogy event happening in New York City this year–on 26 & 27 October at the Metropolitan Pavilion. See for more information.

Because of her own interest in genealogy, Bridget organized a Meet-up group in New York City for people with Irish and English ancestry, and she attended the Who Do You Think You Are? genealogy conference in London a few years ago. With these models as a reference, she created The Genealogy Event which will take place in one huge room like the WDYTYA? conference. There will be two speakers giving presentations, exhibitors, demos, and expert consultations going on at the same time–plus a lot of networking. It sounds like a lot of fun!

Find out more about The Genealogy Event from Bridget on the show right here.

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