Jane is a member of the Genealogical Speakers Guild and is available to speak at your group’s meeting or conference in person or via the internet. Contact her or call her at 845-430-9582 to make arrangements.

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The following topics can be customized to meet your group’s needs:

Up the North River: An Overview of Pre-1800 Hudson Valley Ethnic Groups and Religions.

The Hudson (North) River valley was an ethnic and religious melting pot long before the late nineteenth century immigrant influx. Find out who was in New York in the beginning. You will be surprised! (Beginner and general interest topic)
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Finding American Women’s Voices through the Centuries: Letters, Journals, Newspapers, and Court Records.

Women from the seventeenth through the twentieth centuries are challenging to uncover, but we may hear their voices in the documents that recorded their lives. (Beginner and general interest topic)
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Looking for Your New York Tenant Farmer: Little-used Resources

Documents for New York manors and their tenants have survived. Learn how and where to look for your tenant ancestors in these and other records, such as court and tax records.  See examples for using the records in your research. (Intermediate-advanced genealogy audience)
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The New York Gateway: Immigration, Emigration and Migration

New York has been the heart of U.S. immigration since the 1600s. Discover the origins of key immigrant and emigrant groups and settlers and where they went. Learn the New York migration routes and transporation modes that your New York ancestors may have taken. (Beginner-intermediate genealogy audience)
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New York City and State Governmental Vital Records and Alternates

New York is a notoriously challenging state to find birth, death and marriage records. Navigating New York City and State governmental vital records requires a “quick sheet” to make sure you have looked in every possible place to find the indexes, the records and possible alternatives.  Civil registration jurisdictions need to be clearly understood and considered, plus the key dates for laws and regulations that give context to what was actually collected, and when.  And importantly, learn what is accessible today and how to order records. We’ll also explore examples for using the records and end with a number of unique New York alternatives to the civil records. (Intermediate-advanced audience)
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 A Tale of Woe: An Eighteenth Century Woman’s Story Using Original and Authored Sources.

Placing someone in historical context can be done for anyone. See how 1714 unwed mother Margaret Wilcockson’s story unfolds with original documents and authored sources. (Topic under development, general interest and intermediate audience)
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A Soldier’s World War II Story

Using letters from the front, local newspapers from home, audio interviews, NARA regimental histories and more, learn how you can reconstruct your soldier’s war-time experience and hear the story of one tank driver from Long Island. (Topic under development, general interest and beginner-intermediate audience)
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Dear Mr. President: Using Presidential Libraries for Genealogy Research.

Branches of NARA, presidential libraries are unique and untapped repositories for personal correspondence to a president. Learn about letters at presidential libraries and how to access the collections. (Topic under development, intermediate and general interest topic)
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Praise for Jane

Jane Wilcox’s lectures are thoughtful and engaging.  Jane puts months of research and years of experience into each presentation, leaving her audience wishing there were more hours to spend with her.

~Terry Koch-Bostic, National Genealogical Society Board of Directors
Mineola, New York

“Jane gave a talk called ‘Up the North River: An Overview of Pre-1800 Ethnic Groups and Religions in the Hudson Valley.’ The audience was captivated by the presentation on who preceded us to the Hudson Valley, the variety of religions that held sway here, and the number of nations that were represented far earlier than any of us thought. Jane kept the informative talk lively and patiently answered many, many questions. Programs like this keep people coming back for more history. Thank you, Jane.”

~Vivian Yess Wadlin, Town of Lloyd Historical Preservation Society
Highland, New York

“At the November Program for the Orange County Genealogical Society we were rewarded with a fantastic program “Up the North River: An Overview of Pre-1800 Hudson Valley Ethnic Groups and Religions” presented by Jane E. Wilcox. Jane is knowledgeable, creative in her presentation, and very personable. I highly recommend Jane as a presenter. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend one of her programs.” 

~Marilyn V. Terry, Orange County Genealogical Society President
Goshen, New York


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