New York County Clerks and Their Records

Ulster County Clerk Nina Postupack joined me on The Forget-Me-Not Hour last week. She shared so much information about county clerks in New York state, including telling us for what records a county clerk is responsible. These include the filing of deeds and mortgages, passport applications, copies of military enlistment and discharge papers (something that only a handful of states do), poor house records, and more. So much of it is useful to genealogists searching their ancestry.

Each New York county clerk has a different way to make the records accessible. Ulster County has a website for the Ulster County Records Center where you can see what is available, including the 1905 N.Y. state census for Ulster County  and a translation of the old Dutch colonial records on-line! You can find them at

Find out more about New York County Clerks and the Ulster County Clerk records in particular from Nina Postupack right here.



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