German Genealogy in New York

I missed my post last week because I was at the National Genealogical Conference in Cincinnati. The week before we had an excellent Forget-Me-Not Hour when Joan Koster Morales joined me to talk about German genealogy in New York and in general. She shared some techniques for working with unfamiliar handwriting–especially the old German script found in early 19th century German records–that I had not heard of before.  I can use the techniques when I work in the early 17th century Puritan records in Connecticut, which often look like a foreign language!

Old German script from a church record

She also talked about Germans in New York City and what types of records they created. New York City had one of the highest concentrations of Germans in the world in the mid-19th century.

Find out more about German family history in New York from Joan Morales right here.

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