CSI, genealogy TV show and producer David Rambo

David Rambo, former producer of the hit TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on CBS, joined me on “The Forget-Me-Not Hour” radio show this week. He talked about being a producer of the show and shared how accurate the science on the show is.

In addition, David explained how a fictional TV show is developed. David and fellow CSI producer Carol Mendelsohn wrote a script for a TV pilot called “The Genealogist” for which I consulted a few years ago. The progress on the script was fascinating to watch. David also talked about his current TV project called NYC 21, a show about rookie cops in Harlem.

David is also a playwright and uses historical figures in his plays. He described his inspiration for writing the one-woman play “The Lady with All the Answers,” about columnist Ann Landers. His play about Ronald Reagan will debut after the November 2012 election.

Listen to the wonderful storyteller David Rambo here.

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