New England Regional conference this week

Have you ever attended a genealogy conference? They are wonderful places to learn more about genealogy research and to hone your skills. They are also great places to meet people with similar interests. The New England Regional Genealogy Conference  is happening this week in Springfield, Mass. It’s packed with workshops not only specifically on New England research but also broader topics such as genealogy and the law. I’ll be there. Look for me.

I love genealogy research in New York state!

I love doing genealogy research in New York state. It’s challenging–which is one of the reasons I like it so much. As a professional genealogist, I get to use my instinctive probing skills to unearth data from obscure records and piece together ancestry puzzles from so many different kinds of sources to create a family tree. Even the genealogy sources are sometimes not that easy to find. For instance, I’ve been searching for months for church records that were known to be in existence in the 1970s. I can’t tell … Read More

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